Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Passion Project Quality Learning Circles- Tessa, Maya, Rosa, Harriet

Quality Learning Circle #1

Today our group (Maya, Rosa, Tessa and Harriet) had our first learning circle where we discussed our Passion Projects.

 1. Tessa’s Passion Project is making quite books for children at Burnside Primary School. She has researched quiet books for 5 year olds and what activities help children to improve their fine motor skills, she has also researched activities to help stimulate the brain and what colours kids work best with. Tessa’s challenges are learning how to sew and finding the right fabrics and learning tools for young children. Her next steps are to talk to Harriet L and Jane about how to use a sewing machine. Tessa is most excited about buying her fabrics and getting started on sewing!

2. Maya is creating craft videos and putting them on youtube for her Passion Project. Her next steps are to go to a craft workshop and talk to professionals in the subject.

3. Rosa’s Passion Project is Interior Design.She plans to create a space where she and her family can go to relax. Her next steps are to work with what she has before going out and buying a boatload of things she already has and probably doesn’t need. She aims to keep a small budget which she will start to work on as her next step.

 4. Harriet plans to create wearable art costumes for her dog, Teddy. Her great aunty has participated in a wearable arts show before and is going to help her as a mentor. She has to learn to design, learn to budget, learn to sew AND train her dog Teddy to co-operate! Here's her awesome blog!

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  1. 8C We (and I mean we, because our class will be) very excited to share the Passion Projects that you are currently working on with our class. It was a highlight of our class year last year being able to follow your progress and what your students were creating. We loved hearing about them and the details and information that it contained. Our class will hear all about this tomorrow - another great bunch of projects.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.


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