Friday, 8 May 2015

Quality Learning Circle- Amelia, Jennifer, Paige and Eliza

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Today Amelia, Eliza, Paige and Jennifer shared how their Personal Project was going in our first Quality Learning Circle. Everything is going well for everyone and here is a snippet of everyone’s project.

Eliza: I want to learn the art of forging weapons preferably the ancient greek or roman, I am contacting and blacksmith at iron ridge quarry and hope to by the end of this project have some skill and understanding of the ancient art of metalworking and maybe make a pugio (Ancient roman dagger)

Helped me see what I had to workingand that I really need to start moving

Amelia: I am growing a Vegetable Garden and I am going to use the Vegetables to create recipes. The Vegetables I am growing are Lettuce, Spinach, Beetroot, Leeks, Broccolini,  
Leeks, Snow Peas and Mini Cabbages. I found this process helpful because it was really good to get feedback and suggestions from other people. Also getting good ideas on how other people were doing with their Personal Project. I am keeping track of it on my two blogs: and

Paige: At Banks Peninsula, we own 100 acres of untamed bush that goes all the way down to the sea. I want to decrease the numbers of pests there, and by doing that, increase the number of native birds. I found this process really helpful because I got some really good suggestions on what I could do next and when someone asked me a question it gave me ideas. For example; when Eliza asked me what my next step was, I had to think of a next step, and then think of how to do it. It was great to hear how other people are going with their personal projects as well.

Jennifer: For my Personal Project I am going sailing. My goal is to sail from Christchurch Yacht club, to Pleasant Point, to Mount Pleasant Yacht club and record it on a GoPro. Right now I just need to figure out how to use the GoPro so I can video next week. I found this process helpful because it was good to discuss my Personal Project and get feedback.

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