Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Spanish Leaders Teach Spanish at Paparoa St School

On Thursday 7th May, the Spanish Leaders, Aria and Enya went to Paparoa Street School and taught Spanish to the children in Mrs. West’s class! We didn’t do it alone. We took along two of our friends, Caroline and Ella from 8PR to help us!

I (Aria) taught the children simple conversation that they could use if they ever met someone who spoke Spanish!


Enya taught them how to make tissue paper flowers that look like a traditional flower they use for celebrations in Mexico!


Ella taught the children colours and played fun games. She called out a colour and the children had to touch that colour on the playground as quickly as possible! Their record was six seconds!
And Caroline taught them to count to ten! They played “What’s The Time Señor Lobo?” (What’s The Time Mr Wolf?)


We wish we could go back and teach some more! It was so much fun! We hope they had fun and took some good skills home with them that day! :)

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