Monday, 29 June 2015

Paige's Pest Control Passion Project

My Goal:
My purpose is to…
  • We own 100 acres of untamed bush block. It is the only block between Banks Peninsula and Kaikoura that goes all the way down to the sea.
  • For my Passion Project, my goal is to decrease the number of pests at La Petite Carenage, in Banks Peninsula, and by doing that increase the number of native birds.
  • Eradicating pests is becoming a massive project in New Zealand.

My Research:
Research I have done…
  • I found out that a couple of devices I can use to identify the species at the bush block are; Tracking Tunnels and Wax Tags.
  • Tracking Tunnels are a fifty centimetre long plastic rectangle tunnel that you nail into the ground. Inside the tracking tunnel, there is a white pad that you put ink on and pests walk through and you can see their footprints, helping you identify species.
  • Wax tags are a tag that you nail into the tree about 30 centimetres up the trunk. At the bottom of the tag there is a little cap that has Peanut Butter and wax mixed into each other to form a hard, but tasty treat. The pests then bite into the cap and leave teeth marks. The teeth marks help you identify the species as well.
  • I have also researched about how I can trap pests. I found out that ‘Good Nature’ traps are the best and most humane way of trapping pests. These traps are also great because they automatically reset themselves!

Next Steps:
My next steps are to set up the motion detecting cameras that I bought to get some video recordings of pests running into the traps and exploring through them. I also need to do some more five minute bird counts which tells me how many birds I have and which species I have. Another thing that I have to do is go and have a look and clear all of the traps.


  1. Hi Paige,

    Wow, this is such an interesting topic! I want to learn more about it.
    Have you got rid of any pests yet? I can't wait to see you present your project!
    Good luck for the rest of your project!

    Amelia :)

    1. Thanks Amelia! Yes I have gotten rid of some pests using Good Nature traps :)


    2. Thanks Amelia! Yes I have gotten rid of some pests using Good Nature traps :)


  2. Hello Page
    I think this is a really good Idea for your project and you are lucky to have the opportunity to do this work.
    Will you make it so that the bush can be accessed and people can walk through?


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