Friday, 28 August 2015

Self Regulated Learning in 8CF

Self-regulated learning helps us develop independence and responsibility. This helps us develop skills we’ll need at high school and in our jobs.

 By self regulating our learning it gives all students a chance to make decisions about we need to do and how to do it. We can use this time to complete home learning.

But you may ask but why do it this way when it would be easier for teachers to just organise all the work the students need to do?

 There are two reasons…

Reason One: In year 8 all students and teachers do a passion project - the teachers work in pairs and
the students work by themselves- Mrs Compton-Moen and Miss Fairhall chose to let students organise their time and self regulate their learning. Teachers share their process with other teachers and have mentor meetings just like students do.

 Reason 2 We are all at different levels of learning and onto different tasks. Some girls need to do blogging and others have to do maths catch ups, therefore instead of all of us doing blogging we can all get our tasks done.

 All of the students in 8CF feel incredibly privileged and honoured that the teachers trust us to do the right thing in our learning.

Do you plan your own timetables in your class? How do you find it? What helps you stay on task?

 By Tessa :)

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