Saturday, 31 October 2015

Amelia's Passion Project - The Vege Garden

My Goal and Purpose:
My goal was to grow a successful vegetable garden and create seasonal recipes, using the vegetables from my garden, that anybody could make themselves. My purpose is I have always been interested in food and baking but I wanted to look on the healthy side of eating instead of the sweet side.

My process included the following,
• Planting my vegetables  - I put my plants in bigger pots so they had more room to grow.
• Taking care of my plants - I had to make sure my plants were getting enough water and they would survive the winter season.
• Making a blog - I started up my blog so I could upload recipes for other people to see.
• Looking up recipes and writing down some ideas for recipes - I found a website which was helpful for giving me ideas.
• Cooking or baking - I cooked or baked something each week, using my vegetables.
• Writing and uploading the recipes onto my blog - Once I had made the recipe I would sit down, write up the recipe on my laptop and upload it onto my blog.

New skills/learning I have gained are:
• How to complete a project successfully
• Preparing me for High School
• Confidence
• More confidence in cooking, gardening and blogging
• Presenting and sharing skills
• Researching skills
• Writing skills
I learnt more about all of these skills and I learnt more about cooking, gardening and blogging and to be confident in doing them.

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  1. Nice Project Amelia! What was your challenges? Was it hard for you to grow the vegetables in the harsh cold conditions seeing it's winter most of the year? I think a lot survived looking at your photos, Which ones didn't? Did this make it harder for you?

    Thanks Jennifer,

    P.S sorry for all the questions...

  2. Mmmm.... yummy! where did you get the idea of planting your own veggies from? Was there bad weather that harmed the pants at any stage? what were your Favourite veggies to cook with?

    Jemma M


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