Friday, 30 October 2015

Emily's Passion Project - Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Dance Like
Nobody’s Watching

My Goal:
For my Passion Project is to create and choreograph a dance for the girls in Year 6 to perform at Exhibition.

My Purpose:
My purpose is show Year 6 the process of learning a dance but to show people that not everything is about the performance of the dance. Choreography is an important step of dance.

  1. Meet with my mentor                                             
  2. Research and brainstorm 
  3. Sort out the music
  4. Meet my expert  
  5. Add girls’ input to the dance             
  6. Teach myself the dance                 
  7. Go to my first lesson with the dancers
  8. Teach the dance
  9. Buy costumes              
  10. Watch the dance being performed         
  11. Reflect and edit the video
  12. Present Passion Project

Choreographing is a great skill to have and I have gained so much along the way of Passion Project. I learnt a range of new skills such as matching dance moves to music, increasing organisational skills and confidence. Although I have been through some challenges along the way, I am so proud of what I have done. The experience of Passion Project has been one that I will never forget and I will treasure for life.
As Donovan Bailey says “ Follow your dreams, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and above all don’t let anyone limit your dreams.”


  1. This looks great Emily. I love the dance you and the girls created. Good job :)
    Rosa :)

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  3. You did really well Emily. You're dance was awesome. Hope you get a good mark. You are very talented!

  4. Hey Emily you did really well and i liked how each group had their own little bit. You are very talented and you should be proud of yourself.


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