Monday, 9 November 2015

Day 1: Cycling to Alexandra

Cycling to Alexandra

After our 8 hour bus ride, we arrived at Trail Journeys. This is where we
got our bikes and had a ride round on them in the carpark. We managed to only have one accident (which broke Georgina’s (in 8PR) collarbone). The trip to the camping ground was only 8km, which really wasn’t much, but it felt like a long bike ride because we had been on a bus practically all day. Once we reached the Alexandra Holiday Park, we were so excited to find out our cabin groups, unpack and then have dinner. Thank you to Alexandra Primary School who prepared our meals. After dinner we had a routine to make our buns for our lunch the next day. Then when we all got ready for bed, hopped into bed and suddenly the lights went out. I was extremely quiet because of the long day we had completed.

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