Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Jemma's Passion Project: Passion For Recyclable Fashion

Passion For

Recyclable Fashion
My goal:
To take old clothes and turn them into new clothes by changing the design of the item. I want to make clothes that are unique and cool in their own way.
I chose this subject because I have always wanted to be a designer and thought that this would be a great opportunity to start.

For a first time sewer, this was a challenge because I needed to get some supplies, like:

  • A Sewing Machine 
  • Patterns
  • Pins and pincushions, etc… 
After I had these, I was ready to get started.

To get advise, I contacted 3 designers around Christchurchunfortunately only Sharon from NG Space got back to me. After school I went to go visit her and she gave me good tips. These helped me a lot through out the journey.   

I have learnt lots of new skills along the way that I didn't know before, such as:
  • keeping seam small and tidy
  • how to use a Pattern
  • and using a sewing machine 

When I had finished my project, I was stunned at the result and I am very glad that I chose this subject.  

 By Jemma


  1. Your project was so awesome Jemma! I loved how you decided to do recyclable fashion not just fashion it is really original. I can tell you were really passionate about this project and that you had lots of fun. - Emily

  2. Hello Jemma,
    Love your outfits that you created. They are all of a really good standard and it is obvious that you spent a lot of time and effort making then.
    Which is your favourite outfit?

  3. Hey Jemma
    hope you have done well and you project went well too

  4. Hey Jemma
    hope you have done well and you project went well too


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