Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Jennifer's Passion Project - Sailing in the sun

Sailing in The Sun!

What? For My Passion Project I decided to do sailing - My Topic
Why? Because my I wanted to learn more about sailing/ sailing family history and because sailing is my passion - this was my drive/purpose

My Goal:
To sailing around a course in the estuary                                                                                                                           
Steps I took: 
  • Step 1: Master basics of sailing
  • Step 2: Learn more & Sail
  • Step 3: Learn the theory and how sailing works
  • Step 4: Make a videos on sailing & edit it
  • Step 5:  Plan for Passion Project board and show.

New Learning:

The biggest challenge for me was to plan and get everything ready before the sailing season was over. I had to organise A LOT. Some things didn’t work out but in the end I was fine.

1 Minute Video:
check this out!  



  1. Hi Jennifer
    It's awesome that you based your project around one of your passions and to get a lot of skills out of it. You can really see the work you have put into it.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    What incredible footage shown on the GoPro! You can really get a feel for what goes on when you are sailing. I agree that there is lots of planning involved in Passion Project!

    I hope you keep sailing and enjoying your passion,
    -Lucy J

  3. Jennifer this is so awesome, your project was awesome.
    What was your favorite part about your project and why?
    Well done, Matilda


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