Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Margot, Passion Project, Paw Project

To make $400 for the Mid Canterbury S.P.C.A by selling door stops, draught stoppers, pin cushions, ring/earring pots and gift cards.

To raise money for the S.P.C.A for the welfare of animals.

  • Brainstorm ideas for Passion projects
  • Learn how to sew my products
  • Learn more about the S.P.C.A
  • Start sewing my products
  • Sell products at Riccarton Market and the AMP Show
  • Present the money I made to the Mid Canterbury S.P.C.A
  • Present my hard work on a crafty science board

Skills I gained:
  • Communication
  • Sewing
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Measuring sizes and using my maths knowledge

I believe that I have met my Passion Project goal because I have made over $1000 for the Mid Canterbury S.P.C.A and I have successfully made all of my products to a high standard.

By Margot


  1. Congratulations on reaching $1000 for the SPCA!
    I am sure the SPCA will have a good use for it and appreciate it.
    What was your favourite part of Passion Project?

  2. Wow $1000!
    It's awesome that you used your passion to help others (in this case animals) and I'm sure the SPCA is very grateful for your donation.


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