Tuesday, 8 March 2016

E-learning leaders first workshop!


  1. Hi Abi and Isis

    Great job on your first workshop - it looks like it went really well! I am wondering what year groups you had represented in the girls who signed up to do your workshop - it will be amazing for us teachers to have girls in our classes who are 'experts'!

    Do you think you might offer workshops for teachers? There are definitely some things you could help us with!

    Well done.

    Mr P

    1. Hi Mr Pearce,

      The age group was year 5-8 but we mostly had year 6 and 7.
      We could definatly offer workshops for teachers if you needed to know computer related things.


  2. Hi Isis and Abi,

    Wow what a great start to your leadership programme. I have heard wonderful feedback from students who attended your workshop. Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing about your next workshop on imovie.

    I would love you to come run a workshop in my class :)

    Miss Fairhall

  3. Hi
    I am from nexus international school Singapore and my name is Leo I really like editing photos but I still don't know how to photo shop. do you have makey makeys we do their really fun you can control video games with apples if you connect them. What do you like do would you like makey makey?

    1. Hi Leo,

      I did Makey Makey last year and enjoyed it so much.
      I also love editing photos, Do you know how to do colour splash?
      If you search Photoshop on youtube I'm sure you will find something.


  4. hello
    my name is emerson and i can't wait to talk to you i am from Australia and i have 3 brothers called nelson,connell and lincoln nelson is 16 connell is 14 and lincoln is 12 oh and i am 8 years old i have lived in Ausartalia for 6 years then moved to Singapore i have enjoyed my life so far i love lots of things but i have three
    favourite things number 1.is swimming number 2. is drawing and number 3.hanging with my friends. My friends are Nazneen,Alanis,Sarah,grace,Lara and holly. My mum's name is Jo and my dad's name is Darren
    i enjoyed your work a lot

    what is your best subject?

    Emerson Fox

  5. Hi
    i am in nexus school and my name is kian and i am 8 years old i think that your photo shop is really cool i would like to learn that can you tell me on your blog? and that work was one of the best thing for yr8 i have ever saw before and i am looking forward to learn the photo shop.


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