Monday, 25 July 2016

The PJ and Mel Spelling Bee!

On the 5th of May, PJ and Jase from ZM Radio Station came to school for a Spelling Bee rematch against Mel.

When they were in Year 7 here at Selwyn House, they were both in the finals of the Spelling Bee and PJ lost because she mispelt the word hydraulic. So Mel was the champion.

A few weeks ago, PJ announced on the radio that she wanted a rematch! so they came back to our school for a rematch! We were so excited and we split the school in half so that both girls had supporters cheering them on. We made posters saying “ Go P.J” or “Go Mel”

The girls came out wearing their old Selwyn House uniforms! It was hilarious!

Click here to see the video on the ZM website!

 Jase was the MC so he called out the words. They spelt some very hard words and both of them were doing well.

 In the end it was a tie so they did a tie breaker! They used their names as buzzers and guess what the word was………….that’s right!

 Hydraulic!  PJ yelled her name at the top of her lungs!

 Did PJ get it right?…. YES she did! We were so proud of her! We cheered and cheered and then we had lots of photos with both PJ and Mel. Everyone had a amazing time.

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