Monday, 22 August 2016

Maths Week!

Last week Monday 15th - Friday 19th it was Maths Week at Selwyn House. Everyday two of the house groups lead math games in the atrium every morning before school.
Some of our fabulous girls playing some games!

As a girls school, we think it’s really important to promote this amazing subject. At Selwyn House, maths is such a fun and interesting subject, that can help us in so many ways!
Having Fun!

On Friday, we had a maths mufti day to finish off our awesome week! Every girl came dressed in mufti but with a maths accessory! At lunchtime, we gave the girls an opportunity to take part in a Maths QR code treasure hunt! Lots of the girls absolutely loved it! We would like to thank our lovely Year 7 teacher Miss Mckenzie for organising.
In the middle of an intense game! 

It was so cool to see all the girls having fun and celebrating maths!

Do you celebrate Maths Week at your school?

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