Monday, 22 August 2016

NZ Read Aloud.

Hello! This term we are a part of the NZ Read Aloud programme. NZ Read Aloud is where a couple schools around New Zealand are involved in reading a book together, and completing activities and sharing their thoughts on EdModo which is sort of like Facebook for schools.
This is the book that we are reading for
NZ Read Aloud 'The Ghosts of Tarawera'.
This time around we are reading 'The Ghosts of Tarawera'. This book follows the adventure of four kids, Becky, Anastasia, Joe, and Eddie. They have decided to go on holiday with their parents to Lake Rotomahana near Rotorua. During their time on holiday, the kids start to feel that something fishy is going on around the lake. Our class is really enjoying this book, what is your favourite book?

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  1. we are doing a novel study as well in room 8


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