Tuesday, 13 September 2016

South Island Ballet Awards

My name is Jessica and I am a Junior Full Timer at Canterbury Ballet (CB). Being a Junior Full Timer means I go to school in the mornings till 12:45pm and then start dance at 1:00pm. I do this everyday but Wednesday. During the week we do Open classical class, Repertoire, body conditioning, Exam work, contemporary, Jazz and lyrical.  

And my name is Sophie and I’m a part timer at Anneliese Gilberd Academy, this means that I do 3 full days at school, and 2 full days at ballet! These days include, contemporary, rehearsals, class, and strengthening classes that go from 9.30am to 8.00pm

We both have a major passion ballet, we could dance all day everyday.
These photos are from the South Island Competition held in May. There were 31 competitors  in the junior category.

We both used a classical dance called peasant pas for this competition, then in the second part of the competition, we did a different dance like a Neo Classical which Sophie did and Jessica’s second dance was another classical dance called Sleeping Beauty The Dream Scene. Both of us got into semi finals which was narrowed down to 15 dancers in the semi finals. We then had to repeat our classical dance peasant pas and from there they announced the finalist which Sophie was one of the lucky 9 out 15 to get into. We were both extremely happy with how we did in this competition and was a great opportunity for both of us.

By Jessica and Sophie


  1. You both look lovely. It's really a wonderful opportunity and an honour to get selected for the school competition. I am sure you have performed wonderfully.

  2. Thanks a ton for finding the time to line all of this out for us. This kind of posting has been quite helpful if you ask me.
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