Friday, 26 May 2017

Kids Lit 2017

Kids’ Lit Quiz is an international competition that we take part in. First you have to win regionals and then you get to go to nationals. If you manage to win that you get to go to Canada to compete with other countries. For the regional competition there were 3 trials to determine who was in the teams since the teacher could only take 8 for two teams of 4. We get together every Monday and Thursday to do practice questions for the competition. The questions are to do with children's and young adult literature. We study for different categories that may occur in the competition.

The first competition was held at Cobham Intermediate on the 27th of March. Both teams competed.

Team 1:
Catherine 8CS
Team 2:

When we got to the competition there were lots of teams and we had to find our seats. In the Kids’ Lit Quiz there is a joker round where you pick one of the ten categories that you are given and that will give you double points. The 10 categories were Music, Non-Fiction, Pigs, Rodents, Powers, Portals, Secrets, Saints, Ships and something else. Both of the teams decided to double in pigs. In Kids’ Lit Quiz there is also a visual round which was the Rodents category. It was really intense and hard to study for. Some of the questions were really hard because they were directed mostly towards boys literature.

After a long 2-3 hours of writing and thinking it was finished. Unfortunately we found out that we weren’t going to Nationals. The teams that won were Cobham Intermediate and Cashmere Primary.

The next day we found out that Team 1 got 6th and Team 2 were somewhere in the middle of the pack. It was kind of sad to find out that if we had got at least one more question right we would have been 3rd. Overall it was really fun and if you get the chance you should trial for it.

By Catherine & Charlotte.


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  3. Well done girls!!! Wish I could've been there.


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