Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Bake It To the Limit!

Bake it to the limit
By Siobhan

For my Passion Project I am baking and selling cakes to raise money for Child Cancer. So far I have raised $80. I would like to raise $150. I also have a Youtube channel called Bake It to the Limit and I have 52 subscribers. My goal is to get 100 subscribers on my channel.

My next steps that I am going to do this term are to upload three youtube videos this term, raise 40 more dollars for child cancer and start to write a cookbook for my cakes. Once I have finished my cookbook I will try to get it published and give one copy to my class and a copy to all the people that helped me. I might also sell my cookbook in a bookstore.

Making a unicorn cake


  1. Oh my gosh! Siobhan! This looks amazing! I wish I could decorate cakes that well! I can't wait to see what else you produce.

  2. Hi Siobhan,

    I love this project. You are doing a wonderful job and I'd love to see you make more of all the work you are doing in your documentation. For example, your Bake It To The Limit logo and presentation of the non-cake parts of your baking eg the beautiful boxes you have chosen. Have you considered making a vlog for your Youtube channel about this? There is so much more to what you are doing on top of the cake designing and baking.

    I absolutely loved my bullet journal cake. It really was incredible. What is next for you?

    Mrs C-M


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