Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Keeping Up With The SHS Goss

Hello, my name is Catherine and for my 2017 Passion Project I am writing a Selwyn House School 2017 Student Newspaper for Years 5 - 8. I got inspired to select the topic of Journalism because on this amazing T.V. Show called Gilmore Girls, Rory (one of the main characters) aspires to be a journalist when she grows up.

My Passion Project Goal is to create and write a 2017 student newspaper and write at least 6 editions. My purpose is to involve students more with what’s happening around the school. When they read the student newspaper they can know what the students have been doing around the school and get to know a teacher that the majority voted for.

To create and write this newspaper I first started off by doing research about how to write an effective newspaper. Afterwards I started the create part of an Passion Project. I sent 2 surveys out to Years 4 - 8 about what they generally would like in a newspaper and what they did want in the 1st edition. Once I had most of the responses I started writing the 1st edition of the What’s Up At Selwyn House School Newspaper (This was the title that won.)

Some things I learnt while doing my Passion Project is that it takes a lot more time than you think to write a newspaper and that you can’t wait for other people to get back to you. This is because when I was writing the Joke/Riddle Column it took me 40 minutes to do it. Some skills I learnt is how to make a newspaper look graphically appealing and how to capture an audience's attention when they read articles or columns.

Thank you for reading my blog post.


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to read one of the copies! I'm sure it'll be a huge hit. I once tried to write a paper before, and it failed miserably. Hopefully you'll have a much better success that me!

  2. Hi Catherine,

    You have worked so hard on your passion project and I really enjoyed reading the first issue of "What's Up at Selwyn House School?" You have been very proactive in contacting some fantastic experts in this field. I loved the way you made contact with the student editors of the Rangi Ruru magazine. Was this helpful?

    I look forward to reading the second issue. Have you had feedback from your readers about the first issue? What are your next steps?

    Mrs C-M


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