Saturday, 9 February 2013

Buddy Time!

One of the highlights of being in Year 8 at Selwyn House is the close friendship you form with a Year 1 girl. Every year, getting to meet your buddy causes great excitement and this year was no different. Yesterday, we had buddy time and Mrs Patterson-Kerr teamed you up with some slightly anxious five year olds. I was so impressed by the way you spent time getting to know them and made your buddy feel comfortable with you. By the end of the period, the Year 1s looked completely at ease and were looking up to you in awe. I know you will look out for them and help them feel safe and happy at Selwyn House!

Then we spent time helping our buddies set up their eportfolios on Ultranet. You did a great job of this. I'm looking forward to many special times with our buddies this year.

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  1. I have always thought of having a Year 1 buddy as a highlight of being a Year 8. I enjoyed meeting my buddy and learning about her. I remember my buddies I had when I was Year 1 and how I felt so secure with them watching out for me at Morning Tea and Lunch. I recently saw one of my buddies I had when I was in Year 1 and it made me feel so special that she remembered me. I have met my buddy's mum and she told me that my buddy has talked heaps about me at home. I hope to make some memories with her throughout the year.


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