Friday, 22 February 2013

February 22

The significance of February the 22nd is that it is the second anniversary of the day that changed and ended lives. Today in remembrance of this sad and fateful day we will be having our parents come over for a shared lunch and we shall be having a moment of silence at 12:51, the same time that the quake hit us, to remember the earthquake that changed our lives forever.

I was in the cybrary that day, reading a book. I heard a rumbling and the floor starting heaving. The lights were crashing down from the ceiling and the books were jumping off the shelves. It was terrifying.

Since then, we have achieved lots of creative and exciting things, my favourite being the Restart centre. People in Christchurch have changed. We have come together and become more of a community. Life was very hard in those first few months but we are trying hard to make things better.  

My hope for Christchurch is that we will have more green areas and parks around town and for the Restart centre to remain open to the public and maybe even get enlarged. I also hope for the Christchurch Cathedral to be restored to it’s former glory before the quake.

Stay strong Christchurch!

By Mackenzie


  1. Hi Mackenzie, what an awesome post. I sure can feel the emotion of the day and the time since then. I visit Christchurch often and am always amazing at how much more is missing and how much is popping up as you start again. I am up in Christchurch soon for the Ellerslie Flower Show which is a wonderful time for us to visit and remember.
    I love your photo with the very important words remembering and moving forward.
    I hope today's shared lunch is a special celebration for you all!
    Anne K

  2. Thank you for your comment, Anne. Your words mean a lot to us. We are about to have our shared lunch and a minute's silence.
    We are happy that you like coming to Christchurch. There are lot of creative things happening, that's for sure!

  3. We felt the earthquake here at school and we are over 280km away. In Room 6 our class roll went from 22 to 32 students for almost a month.
    It is really important that we remember what happened and make sure that we are ready in case an emergency of that size and severity happens again.
    Kia Kaha
    Room 6
    Hawea Flat School

  4. Thank you for your comment, Luke. We are shocked to hear that you felt it that far away. That is amazing. Room 6 got very big. We had a girl at our school leave to live in Wanaka after the December earthquakes. We think she goes to Wanaka School though. Is that close to you?
    Do you have an emergency kit at your school? We have two big wheelie bins in the playground full of things we might need if we get stuck in the playground for many hours again like we did two years ago. We were lucky it was summer.

    We tried yesterday to write some comments on your class blog but had some challenges with our firewall. Mrs C-M is trying to sort them out. Hopefully you will hear from us soon.

    Thank you!



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