Thursday, 7 February 2013

The 40 Book Challenge is underway!

Today was the big reveal for our Reading Challenge. We are all going to endeavour to read 40 books this year! You all looked completely stunned when we told you but then Ms Pears brought out the celebratory muffins she had made and we shared a class of sparkling grape juice and gradually the enthusiasm grew. When I brought out bags of National Library and 8C Class Library books the excitement grew to boiling point and I heard comments such as,
"Oooh Drama! I read about this on your blog Mrs C-M. I'm taking this."
"Wow! This book is by Suzanne Collins. Gregor the Overlander. Never heard of it. I'm reading this for sure!"
"I've always wanted to read this book. Do you think it is informational or autobiographical?"

It is really great to hear people saying that they are going to stretch themselves and aim to read 60 books or even more! It is lovely to hear girls whose initial reaction was, "Holey Moley! I can't read 40 books Mrs C-M" saying, "I think I can do this. There are so many books I've been meaning to read."

You can do this, 8C and we are all going to help each other to find books that interest you. What a sense of accomplishment you will feel when you achieve this challenge.

Good luck and enjoy this challenge!


  1. Hello our friends from Christchurch,
    Our names are Jackie and Bianca
    The 40 book challenge looks like fun. I wish my class could do that as well. I wish my could see what you guys did. I just have two question to ask you, What made up your mind on doing the 40 book challenge?? and, How long did it take you to read all of your books??
    Why did you do that 40 book challenge??
    Did the whole class have to do the 40 book challenge??
    From Bianca and Jackie room 5 Melville Intermediate School Hamilton New Zealand.

    1. Hello Bianca and Jackie,
      My name is Charlotte
      You should talk to your teacher about doing the 40 Book Challenge. At the start of the year my teachers told us about this challenge explaining how we have to read certain genres and a certain amount in a genre e.g. 3 books that New Zealand Authors have written. We have a year to read 40 books but for some people that are bookworms have a higher goal to achieve e.g. instead of 40 books they have to read double so 80 books. My teachers decided to do this so by the end of this year we go off to High School we have read more genres. The whole class has to do the 40 book challenge but it is 40 or more books per person so at the end of the we should have read 720 books together as a class as there is 18 of us including 2 teachers.
      What are your favourite books?
      What type of genre is your favourite?

      Thank you for your comment!
      From Charlotte 8C Selwyn House School Christchurch New Zealand


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