Monday, 18 March 2013

Event 21: The House Relay

The Winner House is Ngatiawa - Green, 2nd Tainui - White and 3rd Ngapuhi - Blue

What an amazing morning it has been with lots of records broken! Well done Mya from year 8 and Violette in Year 6.

Well done to everyone who gave it their all this morning! You are awesome!


  1. Well done C. Great to see how the girls are going.

  2. Hi 8c, I think you must have had a lot of fun at the swimming sports.
    How do you go so fast in the water?
    And you must have been tired after all the work you did in the water.
    Bye 8c from Eliza from 4d.

  3. Hi 8C
    Swimming Sports was so much I think I did a lot better than last year well done to everyone for competing in swimming sports.

    From Alice


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