Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Market Day was a huge success!

The Y7 and 8 Market Day was fantastic! Tomorrow we'll let you know the grand total we made for World Vision. Here's a taste of what Market Day was like.

MarketDayOverview from Bridget Compton-Moen on Vimeo.

MarketDay from Bridget Compton-Moen on Vimeo.


  1. Hello this is Wattana & Damien and we are asking your school to please help us we are comparing other school canteen with ours and we want you to send us your canteen menu or send us a link. Our Student Councillors are changing our canteen menu.
    Damien and Wattana Room 5 Melville Intermediate School Hamilton

  2. Hi Damien and Wattana,
    What a great project. This is a great use of social media to do some authentic research. I will get some of our girls to email you today.
    Mrs C-M


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