Saturday, 13 April 2013


The Media Room on Friday’s after school is a hive of activity. This is where the Robotics Club is held. Using Lego Mindstorms NXT we create and program our own Robots making them do various types of actions including dancing, following a line and making them spin endlessly in circles.

We use Lego Mindstorms NXT to create and program robots. In Term 3 there is a competition called Robocup that we have the option to enter in. In Robocup there is three sections you can enter in Dance/Theatre, Rescue and Soccer. In Dance you have to keep a journal so this year we have decided to keep a blog: 

Robotics gives us a chance to expand our knowledge of the digital world.  We have to overcome challenges that we don’t usually find in our daily life.  Some of the challenges that occur in Theatre are choreographing the Robots' actions to correspond with the music and also getting the correct dimensions for building props so you don’t make it the wrong size. The major challenge in Rescue is getting the correct trigger point to make the Light Sensor work correctly. In Soccer one of the main challenge is to get the Robot to be able to sense where the soccer ball is.
There are many types of sensors suitable for different sections. The sensors that are most likely used in Soccer are ultrasonic and compass sensors. In Soccer the ultrasonic sensor is used to know when the Robot has got the ball. The compass sensor is to find where their goal is when they have got the ball. The most suitable sensors for Rescue would be touch and light sensors. In Rescue the touch sensor is used for the Robot to know they have got their Victim and so they can push it out. The light sensor is to follow the track that has been laid out by the Judge so they are able to rescue the Victim. In Dance/Theatre, are most likely to use a sound sensor. A sound sensor is able to hear the noise around you so if you want the Robot to wait until it hears the music before it starts dancing you can do that. By Charlotte and Emily

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  1. HI 8C,

    I am part of the Robotics Group on a Friday afternoon and I really enjoy it. I have learnt so many skills that I know will be very helpful growing up in the environment where technology is developing each day. This year I learnt how to program an Arduino and I found it really fun even though it was a bit challenging because it couldn't read the program if you didn't have the correct spelling or anything.



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