Saturday, 13 April 2013

We're in the 25% Club!

We did it! We're in the 25% Club!

(Unfortunately we had quite a number of girls absent today! 
Don't worry, girls; we saved you a Freddo!) 

As you will have read, we are doing a 40 Book Challenge this year. Actually, some of us have modified the goal slightly- some are aiming for 20 books in English and 20 in their first language, some are hoping to read 80 books in 2013 and a couple are even challenging themselves to read 100 books! Whatever our goal is, we have all worked really hard to have read 25% of our total by the end of Term 1 so Mrs C-M and Ms Pears decided we needed to celebrate our efforts.

Playing the chocolate game! Always a hit! 

Toasting to our success with Appletise and Freddos! 

We're all looking forward to the next 75% of our goal! 

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