Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Learning about our Quadbuddies


  1. Hey our names are Jackie & Bianca,
    We think that your survey is a good idea.
    When it was the earthquake what did you do in your class?
    How were you feeling when it struck?
    How did it affect you?

    Jackie & Bianca

  2. Thanks, Jackie and Bianca. We are enjoying looking at your responses.

    I will get some girls to answer your questions too in a little while.

    When the Feb earthquake happened, these girls were in Y6! Amazing to think that so much time has passed as they are now in Y8. Lunchtime had just started, (we have lunch at 12.40 and the EQ happened at 12.51. I was in a big old house where our admin block is. It was absolutely terrifying and I grabbed another staff member and we clung onto each other like a Mother Koala and her baby!!! ;) We somehow scrambled to a doorframe where we watched bricks flying off two pillars. I thought the upstairs of the building was going to collapse on top of us. One good thing about the Feb quake was that it was short. Twenty seconds, while the Sep one, the biggest in magnitude was much longer but happened in the night so there were no deaths fortunately. It was also deeper and the fault line was further from Chch.

    There are lots of things that I have been surprised to learn about earthquakes; one is that the aftershocks can continue for months, even years. The afternoon of Feb 22, we had some enormous aftershocks which was very scary for the girls. We sat outside and every so often the earth would rumble and shake again. It was very frightening. Their parents were trying hard to get to them but it was very difficult. Our power was out, phone lines were down. Everytime a parent came running in the gate we were all so happy to see them. We are only 1km from the city centre so many parents came rushing into the school straight from work in the CBD. I remember a parent whispering to me, "We've lost our beautiful Cathedral." That was a devastating moment as we realised this was so much more damaging than the September quake.

    A number of our students and teachers lost their houses so that has been hard but there are lots of creative and exciting things happening in Chch now so we try to focus on those good things. At the moment, we are taking part in an amazing project called The Amazing Place which asks school children for their ideas about our new city.

    You might like to ask to Room 13 as well as they are also in Chch and Mt Pleasant is very close to the the Port Hills Fault which caused the Feb quake.

    Mrs C-M


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