Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Once Upon a Mattress..........

For two terms, everyone in Years 7 and 8 has been working on and polishing our school production, “Once Upon a Mattress.” This is a twist on the original fairytale “The Princess and the Pea.” It is set in the Middle Ages, in a castle. In this fractured fairytale, Prince Dauntless is restricted from marrying anyone he wants. With every princess who wants to marry the Prince, the Queen sets an impossible test for them to complete. So Sir Harry goes on a perilous journey to find a Princess. He successfully finds, in the Swamp Kingdom, a fun, quirky and positive Princess Winnifred.
Here we are rehearsing the finale. Come and see us on July 4 or 5 at the Aurora Centre at Burnside High! It will be a great show. Keep an eye on the Selwyn House Website for tickets sales!
by Nadia

"Once Upon a Mattress" on PhotoPeach


  1. The countdown is on and we are very excited. Can't wait so much so I'm coming to see it twice!

    1. Stef,

      We love you! You are such a great supporter of our blog.


  2. I can't wait we are all so excited.All the teachers have put so much time and effort into this amazing production. We have some amazing singers,dancers and actors. Everyone please come and watch it is going to be amazing.

    We Cant wait!!

  3. Production is fun!! Everyone is excited about dancing and singing. I like dancing!! Please come see our Production.

  4. I love production! Almost everybody involved is counting down the days! Everyone is really excited!!!!

  5. Hello 8C
    It is Nick and Nate here from Tawa-Intermediate
    We would just like to compliment your awesome video.
    We thought the production was amazing and we want to see more
    When you get another opportunity to film something fantastic please do because we love them.

    1. Hi Nick and Nate!

      Thanks so much for liking our video!
      I think our teacher is going to put some more videos about our production and some other interesting things soon!

  6. Dear 8C,

    We are from Room 15 Tawa Intermediate. We really enjoyed your rehearsal. Are you going to be using special costumes for the performances? We really like productions, do you? How big is your hall? Compared to our Hall it's a dilly dang big hall!

    -Ethan and Ram

  7. Amaraand Rosalie11 June 2013 at 14:09

    Hey 8c,
    Your production is really cool.I wish we could come and see.
    we hope yous have a great time.

    How long did it take to practise your production? Why did yous choose to do a production????

  8. Heeeey Its Teah again

    I think I would love to see this Production It looks like you have put alot a hard work in to that I hope yous ca post a video up of your production I hope everything goes well:)

    From Teah

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  10. Wow i miss the production.


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