Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Making of the Evian Baby clip

Is Term 2 a busy term at your school?

It is an incredibly busy term for Year 8 at Selwyn House with production just around the corner, Student-Led Conferences coming up and Amazing Place projects due soon. We've been loving this clip which advertises Evian Water. I think it is a great reminder about the importance of play and having fun, especially in the middle of a very busy time!

This evening, I found this great clip which shows how the Evian Water Ad was made. It shows how the crew used a green screen, just like Room 15 did with their great Welcome to Wellington video.

Feeling inspired, 8C? Start thinking about how we can use the green screen in our very own "Welcome to Christchurch" movie.

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  1. That ad is so cute! Using a green screen is a really good way of making an ad. Do you have a green screen at your school?
    Maddi and Jemima
    Room13, Mt Pleasant


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