Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Using Animoto to share our Spanish learning

We are big fans of Animoto. In Señora Sol's Spanish class, we've been using Animoto to describe our family. Here are a couple of examples. We hope you enjoy them.

Isabella, 8B

Moeka, 8C

Sarah, 8C

Do you learn a language other than English at your school? Do you speak Maori? Perhaps you could use Animoto to share your learning. We'd love to learn some new words from you.


  1. Great videos!
    Our spanish class (with Señora Ryan) may be doing the same.

    -Sarah Be, 8C

  2. Hi my name is Nathan and at our school every wednesday we do syndicate singing we learnt a new maori song i was really fast.
    Nathan Melville Intermediate School

    1. Hi Nathan,

      That sounds really fun! Do you have a video of it? What is that Maori song called? I was in the Kapa Haka at my old school, so I might know it.

      From Ella

  3. hi im kane i like the video we learnt a new moari song.

    kane melville intermedite school hamilton nz

  4. hi
    my name is daniel and at our school we learn different languages but mostly maori we have a maori class at our school at i was in it last year and we learnt alot of maori things and even lots of different waiata's.

    Daniel Melville Intermediate school Hamilton NZ

  5. Hey 8c
    I really watching your animoto they are very cool and i would love to make one
    How long did they take to make?
    From giorgione

    1. Hey Giorgione,

      Thanks, the Animotos only take a few minutes each to make. It's a free site, but you have to register to be able to use it. We have a class account that we all use to keep it simple.

      From Ella

  6. Hi 8c
    My name is Usha and I am from tawa Intermediate and I am in room15
    I like that you made animoto I never news animoto my best one was Sarah one it looked nice.
    How did you make animoto with the photos.

  7. Dear 8C,

    The videos were really enjoyable and entertaining, it was also fun guessing what the foreign country languages said! The animoto was really cool and I would cry to make one! What are your favourite animals and colours?


  8. Charlie & Quintin13 June 2013 at 12:08

    Hey 8C
    I really enjoyed watching the videos they were really cool.
    I liked how it was in Spanish.
    i learnt some new words in Spanish.
    Was it fun making the video?
    How long did it take use to make them?
    From Charlie and Quintin

    1. Hey Charlie and Quintin,

      What new Spanish words did you learn? Making the videos is very easy and fun. It's in a site called Animoto. It's free, but you have to register. Each video only takes a few minutes each and is pretty straight forward.

      From Ella

  9. Hey 8c

    I enjoyed watching your guys video it was really interetsing with the language
    This term i am learning francias french class its pretty cool learning diffrent kind of languages.
    do yous love making animotos?

  10. Nick and Ethan13 June 2013 at 12:10

    Hey 8c

    We loved your videos. I like how its in spanish it's very unique to have it in spanish,I would really like doing the same thing that you did it looks fun!

  11. Hey Girls from 8c

    I loved your animotos! they were awesome im learning a languge too.
    but it doesnt come from your mouth your hands speak in stead im learning NZ sign language.
    How long did it take you to make those? Remember really awesome!

    From Grace!

  12. Corban and Zane13 June 2013 at 12:10


    I loved the videos, On Thursdays we learn a paticular language, Me (Corban) I learn Japanese, and Zane learns Maori, we think we might use Animoto to show our learning at school!

    Thanks, From Corban and Zane :)

    1. Hey Corban and Zane,

      Thanks! You should, It's a really easy idea that looks amazing. How do you say Hello and Goodbye in Japanese and Maori?

      From Ella

  13. Teah And Rosalie13 June 2013 at 12:11

    Hey I'm Rosalie and I'm Teah we really like your video we hope that we can do the same.
    Rosalie: I talk Maori at home and some times I talk Maori at school.
    Teah: I talk Samoan some times but not all the time Sometimes me and my cousin speak samoan for fun at home.

    Thanks from teah and Rosalie:)

  14. Jullian and Josh A.13 June 2013 at 12:13

    Hey 8C its Jullian and Josh A from Tawa Intermediate.

    We like the videos you guys made, We wanted to know why you guys are learning Spanish, was it your choice or something.

    We both are Learning Japanese and maybe we can teach you guys some later.
    Well thank you guys

    From Jullian and Josh.

  15. Michelle and Hayley13 June 2013 at 12:14

    Hey 8C,

    It's Hayley and Michelle from Tawa intermediate is awesome that you guys are speaking spanish. Hayley can speak Maori and can do sign language, I (Michelle) can speak 2 languages English and Afrikaans, and I'm learning to speak Japaneses because I'm going on an japaneses exchange trip for a week.Thank you for sharing some of your for teaching us some new words.

  16. Nate Josh and Michael13 June 2013 at 12:14

    Hey 8C
    We think your spanish videos are cool because we havent done anything about spain
    At Tawa Intermediate we also learn languages Josh learns French Michael and I (Nate) Nz Sign languge
    And i have a question How to you say hi in spanish

    Bye Nate Josh and Michael

    1. Hi Nate Josh and Michael
      Wow that sounds fun! My sister taught me the sign language alphabet but I forgot it straight away! Hola is hi (with a silent h).


  17. Hey 8C, they are really cool, good job!!

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