Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bitstrips- a great tool for summarising!

A fact for you about Christchurch: did you know there are more orange road cones per kilometre of road in Christchurch than ANY other city in the world! There are more than 100,000 road cones here; road works and earthquake repairs are causing huge traffic jams here.

Over the past three years, Christchurch people have learned to look on the bright side of anything life throws at us and its the same with the road cones. We decorate them at Christmas and Easter and we put flowers in them on February 22 to remember the people who died in the 6.3 quake.

We all know that road works mean progress so we have to put up with it but in the meantime we want to encourage more people to cycle. We've discovered that 7% of all trips are taken on bikes in Christchurch which is by far the best cycling rate of all New Zealand cities BUT we think it should be a lot higher than that. We've been inquiring into why people don't cycle and then coming up with feasible solutions.

Here are some of our Bitstrips cartoons showing the solutions we've come up with. What do you think? Would our solutions make you cycle?


  1. Well done Charlotte and Chelsea your bitstrip's are very entertaining. I have really loved using Bitstrip

    Nadia 8C

  2. Wow Charlotte and Chelsea,

    Your Bitstrips are great! They are feasible and very well organised. (Love the car Charlotte!)


  3. Hi 8C,

    Wow these bitstrips are amazing. Great job!


  4. Rocking the bitstrips guys! I don't think that Christchurch will have any flower left because of the massive number of traffic cones we've got!

  5. All the bitstrips are awesome :D I really love how we can make different characters

    Sarah Br Selwyn House School

  6. Did you know in chch someone has created an orange tree to symbolise the orange cones.

    The bitstrips are a great tool to comnunicate thoughts and ideas.

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