Friday, 9 August 2013

Fencing is so much fun!

We have a fencing club after school on Thursdays. We learn how to how to get all the Fencing gear on and how to hold on to the foil. Daniel and Alex take the fencing club and there are about 15 girls in the club. We think that everyone should try it because it is really fun and you learn a lot from Daniel. From Sarah-Rose and Kate


  1. Hi 8C
    fencing looks like so much fun. I think that it would be a cool
    thing to do.
    Emily Room 13 mt Pleasant school

  2. Looks really fun! I'd love to go to fencing club on thursdays!

  3. Hi there,
    Fencing looks so much fun. I should try it some time :)

    room 5
    Melville intermediate school

  4. Practicing such sport give well focused mind and a disciplined life. Fencing Club are doing good by providing such stuff to look ahead in future


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