Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Help Nadia support NZ women in sport

Hi I'm Nadia and I'm passionate about raising the profile of New Zealand sportswomen in the media. I have done some research which shows how little time is given on NZ news shows to reporting on women's successes when compared with men's sporting successes. For my personal project, I started a campaign to raise awareness of women's sporting successes in the media!

Sophie Pascoe and Valerie Adams are definitely some of my sporting stars that inspire me.

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  1. Hello im Kane and im Damien and we need some info about your class so we can do a task on minecraft.
    1.How many desks are in your class?
    2.Whats the height of your class in metres?
    3.Whats the area of your class?
    4.How many doors do you have in your class?
    5.How many windows do you have?
    6.What is the area of your class?
    7.How many students are in your class?

    Thank You

    Kane and Damien

    1. Hi Kane and Damien. Here are the answers to your questions
      1. We have 16 desks and the teachers desk and a large table in the middle of the room
      3.72m squared
      6.72m squared
      7. 16 plus two teachers

      Sarah and Alice

  2. Thank you Sarah and Alice we will start to draw up your class map and we will send a pic

  3. Hi are you sure that there are 3 doors

  4. Hello
    Our name is Wattana & Nathan and we just want to ask you some questions about how your class issetup!
    1.How many desks/tables do you have in your class?
    2. What is the height of your class in metres?
    3.Do you have any computers in your class?-(How much)
    4.What is the length of your class in metres?
    5.What is the width of your class?
    6. How many childrens do have in your class?


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