Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Selwyn House Hosts Girls' Chess Competition

Today Selwyn House School hosted the annual Christchurch Girls’ Chess Competition.
The Selwyn House Year 8 team won all of their games and came 1st, winning the Young Chess Masters School Girls’ Years 7 and 8 trophy. Our Year 1 to 6 A team came 2nd in their division and also walked out with a trophy.
Our Year 7 and 8 team (of Year 8s) consisted of Sarah Be (captain), Sarah Br, Mackenzie and Ella (all from 8C!).

Happy after a fabulous day of chess

We were up against many different teams, some very challenging and some inexperienced.
Among them were: Cathedral Grammar, Linwood Intermediate, Halswell and others.

Mackenzie says, “IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ella says, “The competition was both very serious and very comical. We met heaps of new people and all had a good laugh. I’m really sad we are leaving at the end of this year and will not be able to represent Selwyn House anymore. We are all splitting up into different high schools but are all planning to participate in chess competitions next year.”

Sarah Br says, “ I really enjoyed the competition. I’m really happy that we won 1st place and a trophy. It was awesome that we got to meet new people and become better at chess and wiser. I’m sad that it’s over and next year I won’t be able to represent Selwyn House. I learnt that when you actually are stuffed to concentrate so you can win and not fall asleep. But apart from that.........IT WAS AWESOMELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Overall we truly enjoyed the competition, meeting new people and fooling around with chess pieces when the games were over. 

Silence in the Atrium - great chess brains are thinking
A big thank you to Mrs Dann who organises chess at Selwyn House and Rebecca who is our tutor.

Written by Sarah Be, with the aid of Sarah Br, Mackenzie and Ella, on Mackenzie’s laptop.


  1. Amara and Rosalie8 August 2013 at 08:42

    Hi 8c,

    We hope you's have had an awesome day at the chess competition! And we hope you's carry the trophie forever!

    From,Rosalie and Amara. Tawa Intermediate

  2. Hey 8C

    Looks Like you girls have had a great time and it looks like you girls have been working your butts off for this congarts.

    From Teah

  3. Well done to everybody who took part.
    And congratulations to Aisha for being such an amazing arbiter :-)

  4. Hey 8C

    You guys did so well I cant believe you came first! Well Done!


  5. Hi 8C,

    This is so cool that you won the chess competition! You must of been over the moon! Were the matches hard for you?


  6. Woooooooo! Go Selwyn House! You were a great arbiter Aisha!



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