Saturday, 24 August 2013

What can you tell me about the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection?

In Science we have been looking at light. Today we did experiments to examine reflection. We were experimenting with a torch, card and mirror. We had to know about the angles of incidence and angles of reflection because we had to compare them. It was hard at first but slowly it got easier. We had to draw a line and place a mirror along it. We then drew another line perpendicular to that. This line is called the Normal line. Somewhere else we placed a card with a small slit in it and we shined a torch through this so that the beam would reflect off the point where the mirror line and the line perpendicular to it met. We marked the line the torch beam went in on and the one it reflected one. We marked these A,B or C. Then once we had done that we used protractors and measure the angles of each line between the perpendicular line and either the line the torch beam went in on (incident ray) or the one it came out on (reflected ray). I learnt that when I moved the card with the slit in it, the light slowly moved across the mirror and the page and the line that the light made from bouncing off the mirror moved across the page. By comparing the angles of incidence and the angles of reflection we discovered they were the same.

by Sarah Br


  1. You girls amaze me so much in depth learning making the most of your time. Lovely to see some scientifical learning on a Friday afternoon

  2. Hi
    That sounds like some tricky stuff. In maths at the moment Tawa Intermediate Room 15 we are doing fractions. But that looks much more fun and complicated!
    From Giorgione
    Tawa int

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