Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What is robotics club?

At School we have a Robotics Club that Ms. Pears takes each Friday after school.  Ms Pears is a robotics genius! There is a range of girls from Yr 2-8. The girls work with Lego Mindstorms NXT and sometimes RCXs having to build a robot along with programming it.  When needed, the older students will help the younger students with any problems/questions that they have. Robotics Club develops a sense of belonging. It also makes us work really, really hard and learn to persevere. The Selwyn House Robotics club did really well at Robocup. We'll have a report about that very soon! In the meantime, watch this Animoto of the Robotics Club.

by Charlotte S


  1. Sounds and looks very intense your in depth thinking and problem solving skills used in robotics will take you far in so many areas of life. Watch out ms Pears some of those girls might want your job later!

  2. Hello 8C.
    You are so lucky that you have a robotics club! My cousin also does Lego robotics at his school. His parents had to buy him the whole set. In South Africa the Lego is very expensive. It is 60 Rand for one Lego man!(7.49 New Zealand dollars)

    I am from and I am 11 and I am from South Africa.


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