Thursday, 22 August 2013

Year 7 and 8 Speech Finals

Year 7 and 8 Speech Finals on PhotoPeach

Today was the final stage in our Persuasive Writing Unit. We have all written and delivered a persuasive speech on a subject of our choice. From the class competition, finalists were selected to compete in the Year 7 and 8 contests. The girls shared their speeches this morning and the visiting judge, Mr Roberts from Toastmasters was very impressed by the standard. Well done, everyone!

The winners were:

Year 7: First- Arabella- Battery Farming should be abolished
Second- Hana- The song "Bananas in Pyjamas" is not appropriate for children
Third- Amber- Bring back red log books for Year 7 and 8s

Year 8: First- Alice- Homework should be abolished
Second- Aisha- Gender specific toys should be banned
Third- Juliette- ipads should be banned for under 2s

A huge congratulations to all girls who made the finals. You did a wonderful job and entertained the audience with a huge range of interesting persuasive topics. Well done!


  1. Hey 8C,

    The speech Competition was really cool I was so shocked when I got into the semi finals. I knew that Alice was going to win from the start she was awesome. All the other speech were very good and I enjoyed all of them. Everyone did an amazing job.

    Abby, 8C
    Selwyn House School, Christchurch

  2. Congratulations girls writing speeches is hard not only having to research your topic, keeping it in time but also making it interesting for your listeners. This is definitely a skill you will use later in life.

  3. Hi 8C,

    These speeches were a joy to listen to. I was very persuaded. Great Job everyone.

    From Lottie


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