Thursday, 19 September 2013

Curling and exploring Naseby

After Wedderburn we went curling and exploring Naseby with the museum and to the park and then at the indoor curling rink. We divided into two groups. One group went curling while the other went to Naseby and then we swapped around.

The village of Naseby is quite old. It had a weird photo of people participating in a naked bike ride (but you couldn't  see anything  rude luckily!) The playground was quite new and it had some fun swings. The park was surrounded by big old trees - one was called the Wellingtonia.

Curling is like bowling on ice. First of all she listened to instructions to show us what to do. You have to stand on ice. So you don't fall over you had to wear grippy things on your shoes - but people still fell over a lot. To curl the ball you had to walk to a line called a hog line pushing the stone and then you had to let it go, giving it a gently push and try to get it into a bulls eye at the other end. After the wall has passed the hog line you are allowed to 'sweep' the ball. Sweeping is using a broom to sweep the ice to make the stone go faster.

I scored points for my team. I was in a team with Mrs Cary and Clare. I really enjoyed scoring the points.

After that we had a long bus ride back to our camp, with casserole for dinner and birthday cake for Lilli.
By Sarah-Rose

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  1. You are certainly packing a lot in during your time away.


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