Thursday, 19 September 2013

Wednesday morning ...tunnels and lollies ...

We started off our day today with a rooster/cow/train wake up call at 6:00! Such fun! Breakfast consisted of a big Happy 13th Birthday to Lilli who was still half asleep. After breakfast we took the long bus ride to Lauder where we had left our bikes yesterday. Our bikes/helmets were nice and frosty with some bike seats covered in bird faeces.

Uphill biking is so hard! Today we were supposed to do 44 kilometers but because we did an extra 8 kilometers yesterday, we only did 36 kilometers. We went through our first tunnels! One was very dark and long, so we had to get off our bikes and walk with torchlight.

For morning tea we stopped at Oturehua which we found out was just a strip of road. It was a short 10 kilometer trip to the General store but it was really straight and rocky!!!!! We bought heaps of junk food including chips,ice creams and lots of lollies.

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  1. Happy birthday Lilli hope you had a very special day. And really civilisation with junk food? Though I am sure all that exercise you are doing it's okay


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