Monday, 14 October 2013

Let's Make Origami- Moeka's Personal Project

Goal/Purpose My goal and purpose is to make 5 different Origami items and film myself making them to put on Youtube as tutorials to teach Origami to New Zealand children. Because I am from Japan, Origami is a big part of my culture and it is important that New Zealand children watch Origami movies and learn how to make Origami because it is fun to play and fun to make Origami.


Choose 5 different Origami. (Crane, Trick boat, Shuriken, Heart, Rabbits)
Watch samples of Origami Youtube clips.
Research how to make these Origami.
Practise making 5 different Origami.
Take video of how to make 5 Origami.
Import Origami video to “iMovie”.
Make Origami movie.
Put onto Youtube.

Skills I have learnt
I learn Origami skills and some computer skills. I can make lots of types of Origami and I learnt from my Personal Project’s Origami. I want more Origami skills so I can then teach to lots of children. And I have learn computer skills that I can try next time.

Personal Project is a very big challenge for me. I did everything of my Personal Project by myself and I think I am one step growing up so I am going to challenge myself more. I hope lots of people watch my Origami videos and even in other countries.


  1. Well done Moeka,

    It's great that you have decided to teach NZ children origami. Your presentation board was really creative and colourful.

    Sarah Be, 8C

  2. Great job Moeka! I think it's cool you're sharing part of your culture on youtube! You've done really well for your project, we're all amazed at you have done!

    Juliette :)


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