Monday, 25 November 2013

An exciting night at the Year 8 Dance

Last night 8C and 8B went to the Year 8 Dance! It was for all the independent schools, Medbury, Selwyn House, Rangi Ruru, St Margarets, St Michaels, St Andrews, Waihi and Cathedral Grammar. This year it was hosted by Medbury at the Riccarton Racecourse.

After receiving expert advice from Mrs C-M not to run around like headless chooks screaming our heads off, a lot of us were asked to dance. Certain people had a little kiss on the cheek and spent a lot of time slow dancing and talking outside. All the teachers were there including Ms Pears, and they were taking lots of photos.

Year8Dance from Bridget Compton-Moen on Vimeo.

Mrs C-M would like it noted that she thinks this song is entirely inappropriate for fine, upstanding young ladies like ourselves. But she acknowledges that it sure is catchy! :)


  1. Hi 8C,

    I thought the Year 8 Dance was a great way to end the year and the journey of our primary school. It was really well organised by Medbury and the music was very popular. I loved the whole experience and thought it was wonderful.


  2. Hi 8C,

    I really enjoyed the Year 8 dance but a I found the night flew away, way to quickly. I thought the atmosphere was really great. Wish there was another!!!


  3. The Year 8 Dance was so much fun and I think everybody enjoyed it. It was great to end the year with the dance!


  4. I had so much fun at the year 8 dance! Everyone seemed to enjoy it, it was a great night.
    Samantha. H 8B

  5. Well I know some girls took ages to land back on planet earth that night. Well done to medbury.

  6. I was there with Waihi, it was really fun.:)


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