Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dissecting Eyes!

On Friday as part of our science topics. “Light and Optics,” Year 8 had the pleasure of dissecting pigs' eyes! Some people didn’t have the guts or it was against their religion, but for those of us that did, it was one of the best science lessons ever.
Chelsea and Sarah Be

The eyes were covered in muscle that we had to chop off before we could dissect it. Inside the eye is the vitreous liquid, which is like a watery goo and the retina (back of the eye) is pitch black and is what you see when you look through the pupil, because the pupil is actually a hole.

Alice and Emily are very focused.

Our favourite part was taking the lenses out and putting them on the newspaper because that makes it magnified.

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  1. Dear 8C, Bridget and Jill - I have loved your Class Blog and Your Tweets. Thank you so much for making yourselves available to us as parents - it is so wonderful to see your learnings and happenings through the year. What a wonderful year you have had - as you look back you can all be so proud. Bridget and Jill - thank you both so much for being such inspiring, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers - you have taken the ragbags and shaped them into some much wiser girls (and probably better ragbags!). Thank you also for your commitment to the connected classroom - it has been very enjoyable reading all the blogs and seeing the dynamic and interesting projects and activities. Congratulations to you all for a FANTASTIC YEAR!!! Best wishes Andrea


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