Friday, 29 November 2013

HTML coding lessons in 8C- a coding tip

This morning, Jimmy Ryan, our Director of ICT, came in for our third HTML coding session. We are building websites as part of our How the World Works unit which is an inquiry into scientific research, progress and innovation in the Christchurch Rebuild.

We are really enjoying this and Jimmy is a great coding teacher.

Here's a coding tip: Leave comments in your code that don't appear on your page
eg <!--don't forget to close the bracket!-->

1. Less than sign
2. Exclamation mark
3. Two hyphens
4. Write the message
5. Exclamation mark
6. Two hyphens
7. Greater than sign

This is really useful if there are two or three of us collaborating on some code because we can leave a comment saying who wrote it.

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