Monday, 18 November 2013

Inkheart performs at Bandquest

On Wednesday, the Year 7 and 8 rockband performed at the Christchurch Bandquest at Chisnallwood Intermediate.Chelsea, Sarah Be, Charlotte, Nadia and Cleo are the girls that make up Inkheart. Some of us were brand new to our instruments this year so we are proud of what we have achieved.

It was lots of fun and we felt like rockstars with all the lights and sound equipment. All the other bands were really good and the Chisnallwood Band won. Congratulations to them. We really enjoyed your performance.

Here is Inkheart performing "All the Small Things" by Blink182 and "Decode" by Paramore.


  1. Hi,

    I loved preforming and learning a new instrument! I loved working with our band and found it a great journey. On stage it was quite scary but also really thrilling with everyones eyes from the crowd on the band. Because of our rock band I think that I may want to be apart of a high school band.

    Nadia :)

  2. Hi 8C,

    I loved performing and being able to represent Selwyn House in Music. I thought that the whole experience was awesome with the sound check ad getting tips from the judges then the performance having lights all on us and getting to see the winner of Smokefree Rockquest. Another highlight was seeing the amount of talent that Christchurch have. One of my favourite groups were Cannons and Tulips.


  3. Rock on Inkheart!!! You guys are so talented and all that practice has paid off. Cool solo Sarah! What were your favourite parts?


  4. That sounded awesome! I'm really proud of you guys representing us. What was it like performing in front of those people?

    Sarah Br

  5. Juliette and Charlotte

    Thank you for your wonderful comments on our class page. We have been thrilled with the response and the collaboration that we've had this year, our students have enjoyed it, and I have been very, very lucky to watch your class page develop. It is one of my very favourite pages in New Zealand and you've done so much wonderful, wonderful work this year. I have been amazed how much your page has developed in such a quick time and the quality of your work is a testament to yourself and your fantastic teachers.

    I am constantly amazed (having been online for five years and seen lots of pages) at the quality of your posts and your commenting. It will be a page that will continue to have thousands and thousands of visitors for as long as it stays online and its a huge credit to you all. Your School as a result of your efforts has become known nationally and internationally.

    I a new job in 2014 so unfortunatly my class page is going to close in a few weeks. However my new school are aware of yours as they are into their robotics and were impressed with your efforts and I am really keen to get them working online in 2014 and will be using your site as a model. (Auroa School, Taranaki)

    Obviously your class will have moved on but hopefully we can do some networking. I have shown your class the Bandquest video we loved it and couldn't believe that some of your students had only started learning this year.

    Mr Webb, on behalf of Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

  6. Wow guys, thats amazing!!! Well done!!!!


  7. Hi,

    That is great, I like it!
    Everyone performs sound very nice.
    Did you get nervous to perform?

    Moeka 8C

    1. Hi Moeka,

      It's nice to know you liked our performance. Our first run-through was really nerve racking but the actual performance was fun and enjoyable.

      Sarah Be

  8. Hi Inkheart, you all sound amazing.
    Looks like you're having fun!

    Samantha. H 8B


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