Monday, 4 November 2013

Introducing Abby's Horse, Polly

I'd like to introduce the love of my life, Polly. She is my 14 year old bay horse. We think she is Station-bred cross Welsh but we're not entirely sure because I only just got her.

I've been horse riding for five years now and I also have another horse named Cookie Bear. He is a 10 year old, English riding pony cross Welsh. I love him but I can take Polly anywhere and she is just perfect.

Polly and I have been in one show together at View Hill. We were placed sixth in dressage and we didn't do so well in show jumping. We also did extremely well in cross country but didn't place. It was a great start to our showing track record.

I really miss both my horses when I am at boarding school in Christchurch but Mum takes great care of them.


  1. that's such a cool horse your so lucky. Is she chestnut. Great slideshow keep it up 8c

  2. Hi
    I'm Josh, that horse looks like an awesome pet, you must take good care of it, its mane or whatever you call it looks nice and combed. I like horses. Its a very cool horse. Its good to hear that they are always in good condition when your away!

  3. Hey Cody,
    I am so lucky to have Polly she is amazing. She is bay which is a dark brown but my other pony Cookie is chestnut which is a very light brown.

    Abby, 8C, Selwyn House School

  4. HI abby my name is kayla and i go to melville intermdiate school and i just looked at your video.I think you are lucky to have a pet like pollyand polly lucky to have you (I think that polly would be a great pet)
    Your Faithfully kayla

  5. Hey my name is Kristal

    Omg such a cute pony you are so lucky. I wish I had a pony I know you must have a lot of fun on polly.


    Room 5
    Melville Intermediate
    New Zealand


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