Thursday, 7 November 2013

Let's make Sewage Pipes!

This afternoon we got a task to make sewage pipes.  The sewage pipes were made out of newspaper and sellotape to connect the pipes together.  The Sewage pipe had to be long enough so that the sewage would be in the pipe for a minimum of 20 seconds without getting stuck in the pipe. The purpose of this was to experience a technology challenge that was related to our Unit of Inquiry. The majority of the groups had their sewage get stuck in the pipe so the plumber had to come and get the sewage out. The reason why those groups sewage got stuck was because the pipes were in a horizontal lines, the sewage wouldn't fit down the pipe or when one pipe finished and the other pipe continued it wasn't connected properly. Their were very few groups that got their sewage all the way to the bottom. The reason why those groups were successful was because their pipes were either in a straight vertical line or in a diagonal line so that the sewage could get down easy. Our group forgot to get their pipes hanging so it didn't count but it was very successful when we created it. Alice and Lottie's group had a creative idea that there was a robot that was attached to the pipe and every 20 seconds the robot would be programmed to tilt but this didn't count because Ms. Baran said the robot would have had to be made out of newspaper. The group that won their sewage took 0.9 of a second to get the sewage out. 
Moeka creating a pipe

Waiting for the sewage to come out

Lottie supporting the sewage pipes

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