Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Medbury and Selwyn House Afternoon

On Tuesday at 1:15pm we traveled to Medbury Boys’ School for a sports afternoon with their Year 8s and our Year 8s. We played 3 different games over the afternoon; these were Long Ball, Jail and Non-Stop Cricket. The boys and teachers also organised afternoon tea and a prize giving for us. The prizes were $30 vouchers that were donated from Paper Plus. Wow!

There were 6 teams and we rotated around the 3 games. All games involved 2 teams. There was one captain from Medbury for each team. We all had lots of fun playing and although there were a few collisions we carried on and had an awesome afternoon. I think that everyone wanted the afternoon to carry on.

Then we had afternoon tea together and came back to Selwyn House on the bus. It was a good afternoon and we think we should do it more often. We go to an all girls’ school and we think that it is important to work with boys sometimes.

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