Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Year 8 Leavers BBQ

On Monday afternoon the Year 8's went on the bus to an old girl's house for the Year 8 barbecue. There was a refreshing pool, tennis court, a trampoline and cricket set up. We were made very happy guests arriving to pizza, mini sushi and juice. Later we were treated to sausages, ice cream and spongecake with strawberries! A lot of us spent heaps of time swimming and the rest of the time sun-bathing, but all the teachers did was talk. How boring! We think they should've had at least a little swim! Some of us played some games of tennis too. We had a great time and a special thanks to Charlotte Montgomery for accommodating us lot! As we grabbed our stuff we got told to go round to the front of the house where we had a lolly scramble! It was a really fun afternoon and a great way to end our time at Selwyn House! 


  1. Hi 8C,

    Thank you for making this year amazing and our class will surely go down for the best class of all time. I am going to miss you all so much and I cant believe we are all off to high school. I will miss all the great memories we have had in good old 8C. We have all become one big family with Mrs CM our teacher. Thank you for the greasiest year.


  2. Lolly Scrambles!!! That is so awesome - I have heard of some people who don't think you should do them anymore because they are not safe!! I am glad you had such a good time - the year 8 barbecue is such a special tradition at Selwyn House!

    Mr P

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