Friday, 21 February 2014

Graphic Novels Rock!

For Literacy this term, we are focusing on Graphic Novels. 
Some of the graphic novels we've collected for the classroom. 
At first, some of us didn’t know what a graphic novel was and others of us knew, but weren’t sure if they were going to be "into" them.
As part of the 40 book challenge, we need to read one graphic novel. 

We looked at the books and worked together to try and get a better understanding of what a graphic novel was. We found out that graphic novels are books with hardly any paragraphs of small text that are mostly made up of pictures and comics to help to tell the story. We also found that comic books are generally in magazines and they only tell part of a story; whereas a graphic novel tells the whole story in one book, but still in comic.

For this study, we have been split into two groups. One group will be reading Bones: Out From Boneville by Jeff Smith. The other group will be reading Maus by Art Spiegelman.

Everyone is excited and there is already a long waiting list of people who would like to borrow some of the graphic novels from the National Library. We are all really looking forward to reading our graphic novels.

Do you like graphic novels? Do you have a favourite?


  1. Hi im Gemma Auroa school Taranaki
    I really like your blog its really cool i have some questions for you

    1. What is the most popular sport that is played at your school?
    2. What is your favourite topic?
    3. What is your favourite sport?
    4. How long does your school go for?
    5. How long have you had your blog for?
    6. Are you allowed to wear jewellery?
    7. What is it like to be an only girl school?
    8. Is your teacher a male or a female?
    9. How many class rooms are at your school?
    10. where is your school located in christchurch?

    1. HI, Gemmah,
      Thanks for commenting and asking so many so questions.
      So here are your answers.

      1. The most popular sport that is played at our school would have to be Netball, but touch and waterpolo are really popular too.
      2. My favourite topic at Selwyn House Performing Arts.
      3. I really don't have a favourite sport but some of my favourites are: Netball, Waterpolo, Basketball and Hockey.
      4. Our school starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:30.
      5. We have had our blog since the start of this year, but the 8c blog has been going since last year.
      6. We are not allowed to wear any jewelery :( but can wear gold/silver studs.
      7. It is great to be at an only girl, and since I used to go to a mixed school I speak from experience and it is great.
      8. We have 2 teachers and they are both female.
      9. I'm not sure how many classrooms we have exacly at our school but I think it's about 10.
      10. Our school is located in Merival, Chch.

      I hope these answers were helpul!

      From Eva
      Selwyn House

  2. Fletcher Auroa school Taranaki New Zealand
    Hey I have some questionsfor u to answer
    1) What sports do you play?
    2) Do you have a mscot and if you do who is it?
    3) What subjects do you do?
    4) What do you do at your leader?
    5) What is it like to be at a all girls school?
    6) Do you have life ed and what do you do there?
    7) Where is your school located in Christchuch?
    8) Do you have student council and if how many people?
    9) How long is your breaktimes?
    10) Do you have whanau groups and what names are they?

    1. Hi Fletcher!
      Thank-you for your comment. Here are the answers to your questions.
      1) At our school, we can play, Touch, Tennis, Water Polo, Netball, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Fencing, Karate and Soccer. I play Water Polo and Netball and Cricket
      2) We don't have a school mascot but we do have five mascots for our five houses; Winnie-The-Pooh, A Blue Hippo, A Green Goblin, Clifford The Big Red Dog, A Big Snowflake.
      3) The Subjects we do are; Maths, Reading, Writing, Spanish, Performing Arts, Music, Art and Tech, Food Tech, and Science.
      4) I am a Music/Performing Arts Leader for Semester 1. There are also sports, house, ICT,spanish, ambassadors and library.
      5) An all girls' school is very fun and we enjoy it alot.
      6) We don't have Life ED in Year 8 although we used to in Year 1-4
      7) Our school is in Merivale
      8) We do not have a student council
      9) Our morning tea is 20 mins and our lunch time is 50 mins
      10) We don'thave whanau groups but we do have houses; Waikato (Yellow), Aruwa (Red), Wainui (White), Ngatiawa (Green) and Ngaphui (Blue)

      I hope that these answers were helpful.
      Sunshine & Rainbows
      8C 2014

  3. Hi Im Tom
    I also didnt know what a graphic novel .
    But thank to your post I now know and would read some.
    We have a library and I bet I can find some next time our class goes.
    Tom Room 1 Auroa Taranaki

  4. Dayna Rm1 Auroa School Taranaki New Zealand
    Hi 8c my name is Dayna I'm a year 8. I like your blog its very interesting. We have been testing the QR codes have you used them before?


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