Friday, 21 February 2014

Introducing Ruby


  1. hello Ruby my name is will im from Auroa school
    here are some questions for you

    what sports do you play?
    do you have a school mascot?
    when was your school formed?
    what ICT do you have?
    how do you get to school?
    When did you start you blog?
    what fun events do you have eg discos,muffti days,hallowen?
    answer the qeustions at my blog please

    Will Auroa school room1 NZ

    1. Hi Will,
      I play netball, karate and cricket. We don't really have a school mascot but in our class room we have a giant teddy bear named Theodore. The ICT we have at school is laptops for year 7&8 and (which we provide our selves) and laptops which are for all of the school but they stay in the Cybrary. I get to school by walking or by car. At school we events such as: discos, carnivals, mufti days to raise money for the poor, 40 famine, and a halloween fun run.


  2. Hi Ruby
    My name is Zoe from Balmacewen school. I also LOVE sports. Whats sports do you play and what sporty events do you have at your school?I love the names of your three cats and they look so cute in the photos.
    From Zoe

    1. Hi Zoe,
      Sports is so fun! I play netball, cricket and karate.

  3. Thank you Ruby I play cricket as well and soccer, basketball and tennis
    please check out my NRL nine video on my blog.
    Will Taranaki room1 Auroa school

  4. Hey there Ruby-
    I love the thoughtful layout of your work-and how proud you are of your brother.. Im looking forward to seeing more of your marvellous magic tricks.
    Nice Work-
    Lynda (Mum)

  5. Hey Ruby
    I love your blog it's so colourful.
    You are really good at magic tricks and you always trick me with your brain games!! :-)
    See you tomorrow :P
    From Annalida


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